In recent years we have had deaths in the UK due to food allergens, particularly in the last 3 months. Some of these deaths have led to Chefs/business owners going to prison. However for the families of the unfortunate people who have lost family members, this offers little comfort.

So I felt the need to write this post, I believe classroom food safety training has much more impact than Online food safety. Not only that, but what is covered in this classroom based course will provide you with the tools to meet the requirements expected by the Food Standard Agency, (leading to a possible 5 star rating).

People say online is cheaper and more convenient but would the people who suffer from food allergies, or the families of the people who have lost their lives to food allergies agree?This is the reason why employers should not choose convenience of training over quality.

I can offer quality food safety training from £40 per person in our classroom. Please feel free to contact us at www.nhsts.co.uk call:01977 326092.

Education needs to be the way forward on this sad situation. This is the reason why I run a training company in the UK. I personally teach Food Safety which includes a section on Allergens in which I show case studies of tragic cases of anaphylactic shock. Furthermore, I show videos of people who have been left effected by anaphylaxis.

We also cover cross contamination by getting different colour equipment out and demonstrating colour coding - this is one of the Food Safety Standards best practices.

About me: I worked in food retail for over 10 years and spent 7 years managing and supervising in restaurants. My Mum was a cook/chef for 40 years running pubs/restaurants and doing catering for nursing home. I am not embarrassed to say I am a little bit chubby, I love food (I worked in my first Italian restaurant when I was only 16! and my passion for food as not diminished since!).
Lee Hewis

Driver CPC Training

Only 263 Days until the 9th September 2019 !!

Northern Health and Safety Training are running 4 courses over the Festive Season:
21st December 2018
27th December 2018
28th December 2018
29th December 2018.

The courses will take place at our Premises at 133 Leeds Road Glasshoughton,Castleford West Yorkshire WF10 5JT

To book a place contact Lee on: 07715206974 or Email: info@nhsts.co.uk
Author Lee Hewis
We are very excited to say we have successfully completed our first week of driver CPC at our training venue which is situated on Park House Lane just off Bawtry Road Sheffield and is Less than 5 minutes away from the M1 Motorway, we are Currently working on some signage that will be visible on the Motorway, some on front of the building and some on Bawtry road we will be doing some very competitive prices too to help drivers and companies to stay compliant and avoid fines of up to £1000 and Operator licence issues. Please check out our Home page at www.nhsts.co.uk to see our New signs that are being made and Remember we are still in Castleford too.
Lee Hewis
I often hear people saying I am too busy to complete my Driver CPC. I have listed a few of the reasons I hear from drivers and companies:

1. I am just too busy at the moment (Will DVSA will accept this excuse in September 2019?)

2. My company cant spare the drivers for DCPC we need trucks out on the road
( what happens in 2019 when DVSA stops your drivers)

3. I have school runs Monday to Friday, Saturday is busy with bookings
(Small mini bus operator what you going to do in 2019)

4. It does not Matter when we come out of European Union it will be Scrapped
(There is no plans to scrap Driver CPC).

Here at Northern Health and Safety Training Service Ltd, We will do training any day of the week including Sundays, we will work evenings and we intend in doing courses in August so there is no excuse for school bus drivers to say we are too busy. We have classrooms in Castleford and Sheffield or we can come to your site and train on your site, We offer solutions to your reasons for not completing Driver CPC.

Email: info@Nhsts.co.uk Call:01977 326092
Lee Hewis
We are really excited to announce with only 63 weeks till September 2019 we have secured a second classroom in Sheffield/Rotherham (S9) Area. Hopefully this will help our colleagues in South Yorkshire gain there 35 hours of Driver CPC in time for September 9th 2019 Deadline. Courses will Start this August 2018 on the Following Dates 15th,16th ,20th ,22nd and 23rd August 2018 Please keep checking our course caleander on our website for more dates and contact Details.
Lee Hewis
Exciting News from February 2018 Safe Urban Driving with Driver CPC 7 Hours and FORS recognized

Northern Health and Safety we will be delivering this course in Castleford West Yorkshire!!!!

Safe Urban Driving with Driver CPC 7 Hours

(SUD) is essential training for all commercial drivers operating HGVs regularly in the urban environment and where there are high volumes of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

SUD Training is Driver CPC accredited and fully aligned to meet the requirements of:

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver level
Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)
Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) Standard

SUD is delivered in two sections, a classroom theory module and a practical cycling module, where drivers experience a cyclist’s view of the road. The two modules are delivered on the same day, and courses are run around the country by a number of training providers.

We are excited to announce from 20th January 2018 we will be holding Driver CPC courses every Saturday in our classroom which is located in Castleford West Yorkshire WF10 5JT. Each week will be a different subject you can see this by visting our training course calendar. We also have other courses available at our site or at your site, other exciting news we will soon be delivering 3 exciting new modules in early 2018.
September 2019 is coming! Driver CPC Deadline.

If you completed your Driver CPC for September 2014 dead line you need to have completed your next 35 hours before September 2019.

Don't get caught up in the last minute rush and be forced to do any modules that are available. In 2014 Many drivers were repeating modules to get 35 hours of Driver CPC.

Here at Northern Health and Safety we have 11 modules to choose from we are hoping to Add more Modules too.

You can currently choose from the following:
Your company and the Law (3.5 hour session)
Drivers Hours and Tachographs (3.5 hour session)
Vehicle Performance, Driving Techniques and Safety(3.5 hour)
Individual Performance and Loads(3.5 hour session)
Customer Service (3.5 hour session)
Manual Handling (3.5 hour session)
Core Module (summary of all modules)(3.5 hour session)
Bulk Haulage Operations (3.5 hour session)
Vehicle Banks man (3.5 hour session)
Your Attitude (3.5 hour session)
Drivers Emergency First Aid (7 hour session)
Lee Hewis
Are drivers leaving their Cpc till the last minute? will they find a course in time to complete their 35 hours? I know lots of questions. whilst i have been out training many drivers have asked or said we are leaving the EU surely the Government will scrap driver cpc. Training provider and haulage associations and government have said no its here to stay. I thought I would dig a bit deeper and look at Dvsa figures for drivers completing Cpc Courses:

May 2012 (2 years 4 months before September 2014 deadline) 55,830 drivers attended cpc courses.

May 2017 (2 years 4 months before the 5th anniversary of September 2014 Driver cpc) only 44,992 drivers completed cpc courses showing 11,000 less drivers than may 12.

If we rewind to may 14 120,972 drivers completed cpc rising to a staggering 229,209 drivers in Aug 2014. My prediction is that these figures are going to be even bigger in 2019.

My worry as Professional driver myself will there be enough training companies or trainers to meet demand? The number of drivers could also be heightened by the fact that bus/coach drivers who completed their cpc in 2013 received an extra year on their Driver cpc entitlement to bring all LGV and PSV drivers anniversary dates to September 2019
Author Lee Hewis
Great news for all our fans, we have a new blog. You can now read up on our latest news, see what previous customers have had to say, view our Testimonial page and contact us with just the click of a button.
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